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We are currently undergoing a change of leadership; please bear with us until we have formally transferred all responsibilities to new officers. We are also suspending the membership aspect of the organization until the registry has been transferred from its current owner. Until then, we suggest you support the National Mustang Association (NMA) The NMA is the only organization registered as a non-profit that contributes regularly to the welfare of Sulphur Springs mustangs. Registration rates will be discounted for members of the NMA.

Registration Fees: $20.00; $10.00 for NMA members. Just send a copy of your NMA membersip card, or fill out the and send it to the SHR Registrar with the appropriate funds. The Registrar will note your eligibility for the reduced registration fee, and pass your application on to the NMA. Registration criteria will be according to the .

Registration forms:

Markings and Pedigree forms: (captive-born only)

Transfer forms: $5.00 fee.

Stud Reports! forms are online. If you need past year's forms, please contact the .

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