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WELCOME to the official site of the Sulphur Horse Registry* (SHR). We are the original registry dedicated exclusively to the Sulphur Springs mustang and its domesticated progeny (sometimes known as the Spanish Sulphur). Sulphur Springs mustangs have roamed for generations in the Needle Range of southwest Utah, where natural selection has preserved the hardy traits of the horses that shaped the American West. The Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) now encompasses the Needle Range and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under the authority of the The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Whereas there are over one hundred such herds managed by the BLM, the Sulphur Springs herd is one of the few that have been identified as a significant source of Colonial Spanish Horses. For more information, please see our .

Although we are reorganizing the SHR, we are doing so with the full knowledge and cooperation of the registrant of the organization. The Sulphur Horse Registry is not owned or managed by the creators of a completely different entity that was formed in the State of Utah in 2006. The is the original registry, started in 1998 and registered in the State of Idaho in 1999. We are in possession of all the original paperwork and archives and other property rights of the authentic Sulphur Horse Registry, including the domain name www.sulphurhorseregistry.com, registered in 2003.

Due to changes in the horse market since the establishment of the registry, the SHR is in transition to meet the needs of Sulphur Horse owners. We are continuing to register horses and transfering registrations, however we recognize that registering horses for breeding purposes is currently a minimal need.

Explore the following links to learn about the history of the Sulphur horse:
Ron Roubidoux's History :: History of the Great Basin, Needle Range and Sulphur Springs HMA

*not affiliated with the SulphurSprings Horse Registry. A FAQ page has been published to clarify any confusing similarities between the organizations.

Text and Graphics copyrighted by the Sulphur Horse RegistryTM. The logo at left is on file with the United States Library of Congress (Document #VAu000602229) as of 09/09/2003 and the copyright is owned by a co-founder and owner of the Sulphur Horse Registry (for which this is the official website) and is used by the organization (or by individuals promoting the organization) with her permission. Any unpermitted use of the logo (or any facsimile or derivation thereof) by individiduals, other organizations (or by individuals for the promotion of other organizations) is strictly prohibited by law.