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August 19, 2017, 12:18:59 AM
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 on: Yesterday at 02:14:41 AM 
Started by qizhenwang123 - Last post by qizhenwang123
In July, the Asian market will enter the traditional demand off-season, but many countries have improved the macroeconomic, so the demand for stainless steel pipe shrinking degree will not be too great. Supply side, in July Asian steel mills will be seasonal maintenance cuts, supply pressure will decline. From the cost point of view, the future cost of steel prices to support or increase. Overall judgments, the Asian market in July is expected to bottom out.Hot sale 201 stainless steel process Flat material, there are upward trend. After the US National Day, the US thin plate market recovery is slow, but the hot coil has bottomed out signs, the recent steel prices should make the lowest offer hot roll back to normal levels. A recent batch of test materials traded at $ 670 / short ton, this price level is seen as the domestic price will rebound signal.looking for projects galvanized steel sheet At present, the United States Midwest mills hot roll factory base price of 660-680 US dollars / short ton, cold rolled factory base price of 790-805 US dollars / short ton, are stable. Plate prices have upward trend, by the fourth quarter SSAB Montpellier Zhongzhi plant shutdown maintenance and Iowa plate mill to continue to cut production, the majority of steel delivery period extended, part of the delivery date has been to late November TheTubos de tubo redondo de primera calidad de 19 mm de diámetro Although this year from March to May, more than 100,000 tons per month of imported resources to the shore, but the market stocks narrowed, the domestic stainless steel pipe prices continued to rise, the market discount less.Serie 400 ángulo de acero inoxidable igual

 on: August 16, 2017, 10:17:11 PM 
Started by adtozhou - Last post by adtozhou
When some company use the printer in their office, they will find the cost of each volume ink cartridges is so expensive, even higher than each volume champagne or blood.
Sometimes you may even find that the cost of purchase cartridge is far more than the cost to buy a printer each year.

So the question came, why the printer consumable so expensive? Printer manufacturers rely on selling  consumable to make money? Do not worry, after reading this article you will be able to find the answer.

The printer industry knows the classic story "buy blade to send razor" mode, this profit model and the razor, the merchant at a lower price to sell you knife, and then you need to continue to buy the blade and then they can get the profit from the blade. Printer industry is not an exaggeration to say that you buy more ink cartridges and the seller willing to send you a printer as reply, Mainly ink cartridges profit is relatively high, that is the reason why the print machine is cheap and cartridge is expensive.

Inkjet printers are generally sold very cheap, because the manufacturer will sell this printer to  you  based on the cost even loss money. In fact, manufacturers do not make money by selling printers, most of their profits from your later purchase of ink cartridges. Compared to raising the price of the printer to get more profits, manufacturers are more willing to reduce the price of the machine to increase market share, and then you will buy ink and other consumables in the near future that will help them earned you a sum of money.

Many printer manufacturers in order to prevent you from using third-party ink cartridges and exhausted a variety of ways. They put their chips on their own cartridges, so if you use a third-party ink cartridges, or ink cartridges inside the ink, the printer will refuse to work.

How to solve this problem that is we purchase the replace cartridge to instead of  the original cartridge. Such as, if we use the HP printer and the cartridge off work now, we have to contact the suppler to ask them send us some original cartridge to replace the old one. The price is sky high, At this time, we can search the replace HP cartridge on the google, and we can find so many type replace cartridge on the web, such as the hp 201x toner etc.

 on: August 16, 2017, 10:16:34 PM 
Started by adtozhou - Last post by adtozhou
I used to buy printer toner cartridges for OEM, I think the original cartridge will benefit the original printer better, but their customer service is not good, and there price is very expensive.

An accidental opportunity, I learned that the compatible toner cartridge brand V4INK . At the beginning, I don't think compatible toner cartridges will be suitable for my printer. I think that the compatible toner cartridge must not be comparable to the original. And the price was so cheap that make me really confuse whether it would cause damage to my printer.

But under the recommendation of my friend, I tried the ink cartridge of this brand. However, its effect is a surprise to me. I am very impressed with this toner!

I was paying 60 dollars for each toner cartridge at the store, and this gives me three of them plus a dr630 drum unit (which costs about 100.00 at the store) for 40 bucks. That is unbelievable. When I had enough of dealing with the low toner warning on my Brother printer, I popped out the old one and one of these took its place. Slid in perfectly fine, seated well, and that was that. I closed the door to the printer, it checked for a new cartridge, and I have not had a single issue since. No error messages. Perfect replacement for cheap!

Choosing a good brand is more important than choosing a good product. Since I bought V4INK products, I don't want to change any other brands anymore.
V4INK's high quality and low price, as well as perfect and timely after-sales service make me really satisfied.

I love this brand so much, and i'd love to recommend it to you.

 on: August 16, 2017, 10:06:17 PM 
Started by adtozhou - Last post by adtozhou
Is it the  printer ink cartridges can add ink indefinitely? The answer is no!
Such as the dell printer ink cartridge, so many people think that the cartridge is just a container to filled with ink only, as long as the Printer Ink Cartridge surface is not broken, you can add ink continue. In fact, this is a big mistake.

First, the sponge in the Printer Ink Cartridge has a certain life, and when the sponge repeats the process of "absorbing& releasing" or the  sponge use of more than a certain amount of time, the sponge's ink absorption capacity will be reduced, When we add the ink in the Printer Ink Cartridge that  can not be completely absorbed by the sponge, and the pressure of the ink will be increased and then ink will be flow out from the nozzle. This is a lot of people complain about the quality of printing for refilling ink is bad from the original ink. More seriously, the printer can not monitor this part of the ink flowing to the waste ink pad, which may cause the actual waste ink in the waste ink pad to be much larger than the amount of waste ink monitored by the printer, so that when the printer has not yet issued a waste ink , Waste ink has been spilled, causing damage of the printer.

Second, between the dell printer ink cartridge and the nozzle that rely on a rubber seal to ensure that the cartridge and nozzle seal to ensure that the ink can not seep. Long-term use or multiple removal of the cartridge will make the seal ring aging, sealing effect deterioration, and it will a bad printing quality with different color mixed. the color is returned to normal after printing multiple sheets.

Third, no matter how good the ink is filled, there are some impurities or dust that are brought into the inside of the dell printer ink cartridge after multiple filling. These dust will be brought to the ink flow and adsorption on the filter in the ink cartridges, with the increase in dust, the cartridge filter will be blocked, resulting in poor ink flow, so that the printing process will be effect and also has other issues. And if the filter is completely blocked, there may be unable to print. Therefore, when the ink is filled with more than ten times or one dell printer ink cartridge is used for more than one year, it is best to consider replacing the new cartridge and avoid problems.

 on: August 16, 2017, 09:57:29 PM 
Started by adtozhou - Last post by adtozhou
Compatible toner cartridges supplies company V4INK recently released this year's back to school shopping season hot sales product list.
The back to school shopping season is an exciting time of the year for V4INK. V4INK sald: We are making every effort to provide the most affordable and high quality printer toner for teachers, students, businesses and families;
At V4INK, we are committed to providing competitive products and maintaining inventory throughout the back to school season, allowing customer for one-stop shopping on the Internet.
The following are popular product lists for V4INK's 2017 back to school season:
Sales figures from recent years show that brother toner TN450 and TN660 are the best sale products at V4INK. V4INK revealed that the back to school season will be aimed at this two products to do large-scale promotions, discounts up to 54% off.
From the amount of the printer's ownership and the amount of consumables purchased, brother TN750 and hp CF400X are also hot models in printer consumables. In this back to school shopping season, this two products will be discounted as much as 30%.
An extra 10% discount is planned to meet the demand for all ink and toner at V4INK.
It happens only once in a thousand years, you can't miss it!

 on: August 16, 2017, 09:42:56 PM 
Started by adtozhou - Last post by adtozhou
Select quality printer supplies can help our health, the use of inferior supplies will do harm to human health even cause cancer. Printer to work for a family, that is no stranger. We always use it when you print a document, data, and report.

The printer has three major factors that constitute a health threat to our body, which are: the production process of the consumable, the material of the toner cartridge, the raw material of the toner.

First, the production process: part of the original non-original printer supplies in order to maximize profits, they make investment in the environmental performance of supplies to improve the level of its products very little, it can be seen the level of environmental protection. More worrying is the quality of filling supplies, such supplies due to damage to the factory supplies sealed state, resulting in the most common problem is leakage of powder. Leakage of toner can cause great safety hazards - the impact on the life of the printer.

Second, the cartridge material: lead-free materials manufacturing in the field of office equipment is also a major trend. Dell toner cartridges have been insisting on the use of lead-free materials in their compatible consumables for the production of consumable components such as cartridges, through the European strict ROHS certification, to ensure that products do not affect the health requirements of human health. However, in some low-quality counterfeit supplies, still use a lot of toxic ingredients containing lead solder and other toxic substances, if the user long-term work in these toxic ingredients of the printing equipment, will cause a great threat to human health.

Third, the toner material: in the toner raw materials, both the original supplies or compatible supplies, including a lot of office equipment manufacturers are constantly improving the toner process, making supplies more environmentally friendly products meet the needs of modern office. For the sake of corporate social responsibility, there are a lot of supplies manufacturers are also possible to reduce the toner in the toxic and heavy metal content, in order to reduce these substances on the user and the environment damage. In turn, some bad counerfeit supplies are made of a large number of cheap industrial chemical raw materials, the toner itself has become a threat to human health culprit.

In summary, the purchase of quality printer supplies is very important.

 on: August 16, 2017, 09:27:41 PM 
Started by qizhenwang123 - Last post by qizhenwang123
<p>therefore an upward trend. Industry stakeholders said in an interview, the overall rise in the national timber prices, Jiangmen also inevitably continue to rise in the pattern.<a href='http://suomilattia.com/ulko-lattiat/992.html'>Modulaarinen parkkipaikka terasseille</a> Especially now the decoration season, the supply of wood raw materials and market demand between the contradictions will be more prominent, and some dealers even the goods can not be set, the price increase will be more obvious.Kuinka asentaa wpc-kannen ässä-aalto According to the door of the floor of the floor store Miss Xie introduced, compared with the first half of this year, Jiangmen market sales of the main solid wood flooring brand prices rose about 8-20%, and many manufacturers of products </p>
<p>are in short supply, money may not take Arrival, such as the public prefer rosewood, the first half of the price is 230-240 yuan per square meter, now will have 260-270 yuan;<a href='http://suomilattia.com/ulko-lattiat/7596.html'>Rakennuksen yläpuolella altaan kannen ohjeet</a> Myanmar teak price is 280-290 yuan per square meter, and now rose to the 330-340 yuan per square meter, or close to 20%, and the purchase is not easy. Some precious trees of solid wood flooring, raw materials, the purchase price has risen by 30-80%,defy hardwood deck stain sales prices also followed up, unless the customer has been scheduled, or simply can not purchase. Therefore, some powerful dealers will be in the off-season more stock, reserve more supply to deal with the strong </p>
<p>demand for decoration season;<a href='http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/5736.html'>dark brown composite porch railing</a> smart consumers choose some affordable alternatives, such as imitation solid wood flooring, composite wood flooring. Solid wood building materials prices also rose Reporters found that the market price of solid wood building materials also showed gains, mainly due to the impact of wood raw materials, solid wood doors, solid wood cabinets and other related products prices have also increased.regal railing cost per foot According to the solid wood building materials dealers reflect the more valuable timber, the greater the price increase, which rose the raw material of mahogany furniture is the largest, and some even more than 30%, </p>

 on: August 16, 2017, 08:40:28 PM 
Started by qizhenwang123 - Last post by qizhenwang123
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 on: August 16, 2017, 07:56:31 AM 
Started by qizhenwang123 - Last post by qizhenwang123
<p>to rise, the domestic summer coal and electricity transport a comprehensive double impact of the cost of building materials industry, rising profits margins have been substantially compressed. <a href='http://pergola-fence.com/wholesale/867.html'>sustainable wood for fence</a>The first is the raw material prices, the cost of production costs increased; followed by a considerable part of the overall low level of building materials, excess prices, prices fell; there are some large business benefits fell significantly,ontario free standing bench bracket the industry losses and losses high. From the economic situation, last year, the overall trend of building materials industry will be the previous year's "high before the low" evolved into "low before the high." A quarter of 43.8% </p>
<p>decline in the first half fell 22.1% in the first three quarters fell 13.4%, was gradually narrowing the trend. In addition, the domestic building materials market trends and international trade,<a href='http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-decking/4346.html'>How Much Should a 500 Square Foot Composite Deck Cost Africa</a><br/> the domestic real estate market and financial policies are closely related to these comprehensive factors on the domestic price of building materials also played a role can not be ignored. In addition,pvc decking india due to the scarcity of raw materials, the wood industry will be a full reshuffle. At present, the entry threshold of wood flooring manufacturing enterprises is very low. Therefore, there are hundreds of small and medium-sized flooring manufacturing enterprises in </p>
<p>China. The market share of wood flooring market is less than 8%. <a href='http://pergola-fence.com/suppliers/3799.html'>fence products for balconys</a>The development of the whole flooring industry is good and bad. The National floor production will use more stringent product production standards to further reduce the formaldehyde content of harmful substances in the floor, through advanced technology to improve the floor of the entire production industry threshold. how to build a deck storage seatIt is predicted that this year China's laminate flooring market consumption will exceed 150 million square meters, compared with about 30% last year. According to the current market environment, several large enterprises will integrate the market, 3-5 years, to </p>

 on: August 16, 2017, 07:12:44 AM 
Started by BerniceLay - Last post by BerniceLay
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