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The Sulphur Horse Registry was started in 1998 by a group of Sulphur Horse enthusiats, including Leo and Kathy Campbell, when they became interested in the uniqueness of the Sulphur horses. Kathy and Leo spent much of the summer of that year telephoning and making personal visits to Sulphur owners encouraging them to join together to help protect and preserve these horses. Through these efforts, the Sulphur Horse Registry was created. Kathy Campbell registered the organization in the State of Idaho in 1999, and she and Leo spent countless hours and dollars out of their own pocket promoting the horses and registry over the next several years.

This was the original mission statement of the SHR, published in the February 1999 newsletter:

1. In conjunction with the Bureau of Land management (BLM), the Sulphur Horse Registry (SHR) proposes to protect, preserve, promote, perpetuate and enhance the wild herd which currently inhabits the Sulphur Herd Management Area in Utah.

2. To encourage and promote the establishment of captive herds of the Sulphur Horse Registry (SHR)* for the purpose of preserving the gene pool, as it is found in the wild herds.

3. To disseminate historical information and education relating to the Sulphur herd in both its wild and captive domain.

4. To establish a Registry and studbook for the registration and preservation of pedigrees of adopted Sulphur Mustangs and their progeny.**

5. To promote activities and fellowship among owners, breeders, and other individuals interested in the SHR.

6. To encourage the use of the Sulphur Horses in all applicable areas of recreation, competition, and work.

7. To act as a volunteering group concerning adoption of Sulphur Horses.

In the summer of 2005, Kathy and Leo began experiencing injuries and other health concerns that have forced them to scale back their horse activities, and to turn the SHR over to a new generation. In the ensuing eight years since the charter was drafted, it has become apparent that it is in the best interests of the horses for the organization to evolve and adapt to current circumstances, thus the SHR is currently undergoing a reorganization, and is proposing revising its charter. However, the revision will be done democratically. Owners of SHR registered Sulphur Horses*** will be given one vote per horse to accept the new mission statement, or to stay with the old one. The registration must be in the current owner's name as of August 1, 2007 and the horse must still be living.

If you need to contact a member of the reorganization committee, please use the email addresses below:

SHR Owner: Kathy Campbell (former Treasurer and Registrar; these functions are now being handled by the reorganization chairperson)
Due to Kathy's health problems,
we are not providing her email
address. If you would like to
contact her, her address can be obtained from any member of the reoganization committee.

Eric Wysong (former Vice-President and current Director for registration purposes)

(this address can also be used to contact the reorganization chairperson, or you can call 435-864-8394. If we don't answer, please leave a message and we'll get back to your promptly.)

*This was a misprint.

**This proposal was excluded when the SHR Bylaws were drafted.

***In order to avoid conflicts of interest, owners that are officers of other Sulphur horse registries will be excluded from the voting process. Also, the current owners must be reflected on the horses' registration papers.
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