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This document will be a work in progress.

The first organization devoted to the preservation of the Sulphur Springs Mustang was the National Mustang Association. Kent Gregerson, a Utah "mustanger" and others founded the organization in 1965 after realizing the uniqueness of the horses on the Needle Range. Several horses that Gregerson captured in the late 1960's were registered in the Spanish Mustang Registry (SMR), including Doby, pictured at right.

In History, Blood typing and "Just Looking": Evaluating Spanish Horses, Dr. Phillip Sponenberg emphasized the need to document the histories of groups of horses in deciding whether or not to include them as strains of Colonial Spanish horses. Therefore, to persuade the Spanish Mustang Registry to include horses from the Sulpur Springs Herd Management Area into the registry, in March, 1994, Ron Roubidoux wrote Wild Horses of Utah's Mountain Home Range. At the time, SMR inspectors would travel to inspect horses for inclusion in the registry (a few years later, the SMR changed its bylaws and mandated that horses be brought to the registry's annual meeting to be inspected), so two months later representatives of the SMR came to Utah, inspected 20 Sulphur Horses, and accepted 17 of them into the registry.

Later in 1994, Ron Roubidox and some other Sulphur owners tossed around the idea of starting the "Utah Sulphur Springs Mustang Association", and conducted a survey to determine interest in the organization. The results weren't favorable at the time, but Roubidoux did go on to work with some Kiger owners in Oregon and Vicky Ives of Texas to form the "Spanish Mustang Coalition". That organization fell apart, and Ives went on to revive the Horse of the Americas Registry. However, one excellent remnant of the Spanish Mustang Coalition is the breed standard, which can be used by Sulphur fanciers to judge horses they are considering adopting, buying or breeding.

In June, 1995, representatives of the SMR visited Rexburg, Idaho, and accepted 12 (including Chief Wakara ) horses into the registry. Unfortunately, only Chief Wakara was actually registered. Early in 1997, most of these horses were leased to the Blackfeet Buffalo Horse Coalition.

In June 1997, Ron Roubidoux took four mares that were captured in the 1996 roundup to the 1997 SMR meeting, where they were inspected for registration and rejected (there were two other Sulphur horses taken to the same meeting by another individual; those two were accepted). Not long thereafter, Clinton Galbraith acquired most of the Sulphur Horses leased to the Blackfeet Buffalo Horse Coalition and he, along his partners in the preservation efforts Kathy and Leo Campbell, tried to follow through on the SMR registration. The one year time limit from the inspection date had lapsed. With the encouragement of Ron Roubidoux, who was more convinced than ever of the need for a registry devoted exclusively to Sulphur horses, they and other early Sulphur owners began work to establish the Sulphur Horse Registry (SHR).

During the summer of 1998, a membership campaign was done, and more promotion for the registry was conducted at the November, 1998 Sulphur Springs adoption. On November 24, 1998, a member of the BOD of the Kiger Mesteno Association (KMA) sent Kathy Campbell a letter suggesting that the SHR model its Bylaws after the KMA's. By February, 1999, the SHR had its first website online and the first newsletter was published, including a charter closely resembling the purpose outlined in the KMA's ByLaws. In May 1999, the first SHR meeting was held at the first Utab Wild Horse Festival.

In September 1999, Kathy Campbell registered the Sulphur Horse Registry as a legal entity in the State of Idaho. It was run by a Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of five of the six founding members (one of the founding members had been relieved of duty due to personal problems). Another BOD member resigned a year or so later. Neither were replaced, leaving the number of BOD members at four.

In January, 2002, Clinton and Dorothy Gailbraith decided to limit their Sulphur horse related activities to a small scale breeding program of horses with triple dorsal stripes. They sold some of their horses to the Campbells, and most of the rest to a sanctuary. They resigned their positions on the BOD and two other individuals were appointed. Later on that year, it was decided to appoint SHR "State Representatives", basically for the purpose of designating local contacts for new people interested in Sulphur horses.

Prior to the 2003 annual meeting, one member of the BOD was relieved of duty and another resigned. It was decided it would be appropriate to replace the BOD with officers, so new ByLaws were drafted to manifest the change and to clarify registration and other procedures.

At the June, 2003 meeting a vote was taken to accept the bylaws, with an amendment to require stud reports starting with the next year's foal crop. Leo assumed the position of President, and Kathy Registrar/Treasurer. Four new officers were appointed.

In June, 2004, the SHR sponsored the Sulphur Horse Festival in Cedar City, Utah. In anticipation of the event, Kathy and Leo Campbell donated a filly for a fund raiser, and for several months prior collected money that was awarded to the BLM at the Festival.
Photo of the SHR officers presenting a check for $1450 to the BLM for Sulphur Springs HMA range improvements. Photo copyrighted by Charlie Harper and used with permission.
In July, 2005, Kathy Campbell was seriously injured in a work-related accident. Due to her incapacition and the personal trials of other officers, the SHR ceased to function. Over the next year, the Campbells sold most of their horses, and expressed the need to turn the registry over to the remaining officers. On March 1, 2007, the reorgainzation commitee (consisting of the remaining officers) resumed registrations, however, as of the date of this writing, the registry is still registered to Kathy Campbell. Efforts are taking place to complete the transfer of the registry from Kathy to another entity. Until then, the membership aspect of the organization has been suspended.

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